Fighting of neighbors: Manchester United vs Manchester City

And how many were … Do not count! Let’s look at the most interesting clashes. For example, here is Danny Wallace Andy Hinchcliffe suffocating. There was a second left before Roy Keane would weigh Barton for the downed Cristiano. That Rio did not have enough players, and he rushed to Mancini and he went to Peter. But everyone wants to kill Mario. But let’s back to the statistics.

In the 2010s, teams met 14 times in the framework of the Premier League: “Citizens” won 7 times, United times 4 times and a draw was recorded in 3 matches. The total score of meetings in the entire history is 252: 236 in favor of the “United”, in the modern period the difference of goals is 24:14 with a margin of “City”. “Red Devils” at home with “Noisy Neighbors” play poorly: in the last 6 matches as many as 4 defeats. “Blue”, moreover, they almost always score in away games – out of the last 10 meetings, only 2 times they managed without goals, and in 2011 they won 1: 6. Fans of “City” on that day staged a rally. And the players rejoiced. Nevertheless, two goals Mario was not enough to become the top scorer of the 2010 derby in the Premier League. They are:

  1. Aguero: 7 goals;
  2. Jacko: 4 goals;
  3. Fletcher: 3 goals.

The best sniper of “MU” in the entire history of this confrontation is Wayne Rooney: 11 goals in 25 games. And one of his balls is recognized as the most beautiful goal of the Premier League. Who will lead their marines to battle? Old friends! Jose Mourinho played 17 times against Man City: 8 wins, 5 draws and 4 losses.

The Portuguese coach met Josep Guardiola more often and worse: out of 19 matches, José won only four, tied 6 times and lost as many as 9 meetings. They led Inter and Barcelona, ​​Real and Bavaria from Chelsea and now: City with United. But we remember how it all began. And the soldiers in the teams are expensive! The most valuable player of the “City” Kevin de Bruyne is also estimated as Paul Pogba (who, unfortunately, will not enter the field) – at £ 67.5 million (present value by transfermarkt). They met not only in the Manchester derby. By the way, an interesting fact: in 2008 the match between Manchester United and City was without advertising: on the 50th anniversary of the Munich tragedy, the teams entered the field in T-shirts without logos. The Reds then lost 1: 2.

What’s more noteworthy: “City” is a clear favorite to break an outstanding series of 40 of United matches without defeat at Old Trafford. To win the guests give a bid of 2.17 (from the hosts 3.28). I would play a head start, but so far there is no such line. Well, the final touch. There were 11 deals between the clubs, and we’ll single out one: in 1987, Ryan Giggs moved from the U-18 “City” team to the same team. In the photo he is second from the left in the bottom row; he sits for himself, in a T-shirt “Blue”.

Manchester City beat Manchester United

Wards Pepa Guardiola won a victory in the Manchester derby (3: 1). In the debut of the second half of the game, Sergio Aguero beat with Riyad Marez and hit De Cross with a crossbar. It seemed that the outcome of the match was resolved, but it was worth remembering that in the past year, MJ got out of this situation. Refreshing memory helped out Lukaku – Romelu immediately earned a penalty kick. Anthony Martial coolly placed the ball and the goalkeeper in the corners.

Twenty minutes before the end, Especial released Sanchez and Mata. And if the Spaniard added a thought to the attacks of his team, then the Chilean was a little dissolved. “Citizens” competently pushed the game away from their gates and even managed to score more. Bernard gave a luxurious transfer from the depths, and Gundogan, with a second touch, shot the possessions of De Gea. At least some response from the guests did not have enough time.

10 facts about the Manchester derby

The first Manchester derby took place 131 years ago, on November 12, 1881. Then the teams played under the names “West Gordon” and “Newton Heath.” Victory with a score of 3: 0 celebrated the club “Hit”, later became the prototype of “MU”. Since then, the teams have held 163 meetings in various tournaments. They were recorded 50 draws. 68 wins scored “MU”, 45 – “Man City”.

– Last season, the Manchester derby was played four times. In both matches, the Premier League took the top “citizens”. But in the Cup and the Super Bowl of England, the Red Devils won. If today Man City is able to win, it will be their longest winning streak in the derby since the 1969/70 season.

– Only one of the last 18 meetings of the teams ended in a draw – in November of 2010, the clubs broke up in peace on the City of Manchester. In general, on the “citizens” field since 2006, rivals do not score more than one goal for two. Three times with a score of 1: 0 defeated “City”, twice – “MU”.

– “Man City” remains the only team in England, which has not yet suffered a single defeat in the championship. In Europe, this result by December can only boast of “Barcelona”, which has not yet lost in the Examples. The 15-match unbeaten run at the start of the Premier League is the best result in the history of the “citizens”. More impressive results in the championship were only for “MU” and “Arsenal”. The Gunners in the 2003/2004 season did not lose a single match in the Premier League at all.

– “Man City” has other record series. “Citizens” do not lose in 21 matches in a row. So if they do not give in on Sunday, they will repeat the longest unbeaten run in the history of the club, established in 1936-37. In addition, the “City” does not know defeat for the last 37 home games, winning 33 of them. But before the repetition of the record “Chelsea”, which is 86 meetings, it is necessary to keep more than one year.

– Carlos Tevez managed to play for both teams and in the Man City at some point even reached the captain. For two seasons with United, he scored 34 goals in 97 matches. After leaving the camp “citizens” Argentinian seven times went on the field against the former team and scored three goals in its gate. True, they all fell into the cup tournaments – in the Premier League Tevez “Manchester United” did not disappoint even once. Peter Schmeichel – the only player who managed to play for both teams and at the same time not losing a single match. He always successfully conducted derby in the “MU” from 1991 to 1999, and then in the 2002/03 season – already in the “City”.

– On the account of Wayne Rooney 8 goals in the Manchester derby. Only one ball remained to him in order to share the status of the best scorer of the standoff from the “MU” with Sir Bobby Charlton. But two representatives of the “Man City”, Francis Lee and Joe Hayes, have in their assets 10 goals at the gates of the “devils”. A better rate demonstrates Edin Dzeko. He participated in five Manchester derbies and distinguished himself in them five times. Including scored three goals in three confrontations last season.

– For Alex Ferguson, this is the Manchester derby – the 38th in a career. He has 19 victories, 10 draws and eight losses. Six of them fell on the share of matches on the opponent’s field.

– “MU” in 15 of 23 matches this season, missed the first goal. In the Premier League, this happened ten times. Moreover, in seven cases, United managed to change the course of the meeting and bring it to victory. Seven volitional victories for the season that did not reach the equator also is the best result in the history of the club. The league record belongs to Newcastle, which won ten willed wins in the 2001/02 season.

– Manchester clubs often beat a penalty in the Premier League in recent years. For three seasons, each team has 21 executed penalties. Referee Martin Atkinson serving the battle today is more favorable for United. When he was judging, the “devils” won two of the Manchester derbies, and they celebrated success in 11 matches out of 16.

Manchester United vs Liverpool: history of derby

Football confrontation is only a continuation of the long competition between the two cities, which took its beginning during the industrial revolution. Cities fought for supremacy in the region. Manchester was famous for its production, while Liverpool had an excellent port. Later the Manchester Canal was built, which allowed the delivery of goods directly to Manchester. So many workers in the port of Liverpool lost their jobs.

The memory of this has been preserved to this day on the arms of Manchester United and Manchester City in the form of a ship sailing through a canal. In 70-80, both cities have undergone an industrial recession. Among the latest achievements, the Games of the Commonwealth of Nations held in Manchester in 2002 and the appointment of Liverpool as European Capital of Culture in 2008 are worth noting.

Trophy race

Liverpool returned to the first division and a year later Manchester United also went there. Liverpool has already celebrated the second championship title. But already in 1908, and MU opened the scoring with their champion trophies, next, in 1909, took the FA Cup (Liverpool took the first spacecraft only in 1965), and two years later caught up in championship titles with Liverpool. But ahead of Manchester United, they waited a long 41 years without a championship, for which Liverpool three more times became the champion. However, in the 90s the situation changed. By 1992, the championship title score was catastrophic for MU? It’s 18:7 in favor of their main rival. It took 17 years to level the score. The fact that Liverpool has never been a champion since 1990 has also helped to achieve this.