Facts about Manchester United team you didn’t know before

In the history of English football there were a lot of big clubs, but one of the biggest clubs is Manchester United. This club has brought up many great football players, and also has an inspiring history. Manchester has a very strong school that gave way to such legendary players as Ronaldo, Beckham, Giggs, etc. These are some unique facts that few people knew about.

  1. Have you ever thought where did the nickname of MU (“Red Devils”) come from? Firstly, this club appeared and appears in mostly red colors, but it was not this that gave him such an awesome nickname but a little devil that began to show off on the MU emblem since 1973.
  2. Did you know that Wayne Rooney became the most productive Englishman in the Champions League with 29 balls in his asset?
  3. Until 2014, all MJ coaches were from England. But then Louis van Gaal from the Netherlands came to the post, and then Jose Mauring from Portugal.
  4. We all know that Manchester is one of the oldest clubs in England. But did you know that the first name of this club was “Newton Heath (Newton Heath)”, which collapsed due to debts and was bought out and renamed Manchester United.
  5. In 1958, MJ returned home after an away match, but at the Müncher air terminal, it crashed, killing 23 people, including 8 people from the main team.
  6. The most successful coach who played a role in the creation of the club is Sir Alex Ferguson. From 1991 to 2013, the “red devils” under his leadership did not fall below the 3rd line in the Premier League standings.
  7. The greatest number of speeches: Welsh footballer Ryan Giggs devoted fifteen years to Manchester United, signing a contract with him on November 29, 1987. Giggs had a record performance for the Red Devils – 909. In Manchester United, the lineup of 2017 is very different from the starry composition of the 2000s, but this lineup also inspires fear and respect for rivals and even more respect from fans who believe in victory of native club.

Brand Manchester United is the most expensive in the world

English Manchester United is officially recognized as the most expensive football brand in the world. The authoritative publication Brand Finance estimated the Red Devils at 1 billion 551 million euros. This is followed by Spanish Real (1.288 billion) and Barcelona (1.237), German Bavaria (1.151), British Manchester City (1.090), Liverpool (1.204), Chelsea (1.195) and Arsenal ”(1.083), French“ PSG ”(913), and also English“ Tottenham ”(764). Note that the last time “Manchester United” became the champion of England in the 2012/2013 season. The cost of all the players of the “red devils”, according to the publication Transfermarkt, is 750 million 500 thousand euros. This season, the team, led by Portuguese Jose Mourinho, took second place in the Premier League, went to the FA Cup final, where she will play with London “Chelsea”, and also left the Champions League at the stage of the eighth finals.

Manchester United transfer news: unwanted Manchester United defender will move to Juventus

Manchester United defender Matteo Darmian has great chances to leave the club in the winter. Since the Italian defender does not have a match practice at Old Trafford, he tends to return home. Now closest to the signing of Darmian is Juventus from Turin, who wants to strengthen the defense bloc.

Manchester United players are unhappy with traffic problems

The Manchester United players decided to boycott the demands of the club’s sponsors. According to the Daily Mail, on Thursday a group of club players refused to take part in the sponsorship program. It is reported that several players of the team of Jose Mourinho were to take part in the event of the commercial partners of the club, but refused to protest the shocking traffic situation in the club. Recall that the club was fined for the late arrival of the team at Old Trafford in the last two Champions League matches.

UEFA sanctions followed after being late for the match with “Valencia”, because of which the match began with a delay. Despite the fact that the team relocated to the stadium, it was also late for the match with Juventus this week, which ended with the victory of Turints 1: 0.

Man United did not give anyone a number 7 for a special reason

Earlier, as part of Manchester United, under the seventh number, there were many iconic players for the club: Eric Cantona, George Best, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, etc. However, recently players who wore a T-shirt with the number 7 – Depay, Di Maria, Valencia – if they did not disappoint, they certainly did not reach the status of legends. As a result, Manchester United is in no hurry to give this number to someone. According to The Daily Star, Sir Alex wants to give the G7 to Antoine Griezmann, who should join the English club next summer and possibly in the winter. It is reported that the “MU” will give 100 million pounds for the player “Atletico”.

Marcus Rashford joined the club at the age of 7

Touted as the most exciting player to sign with Manchester United in the last decade, the 22 year old from Whytheshawe, England, has captured the imagination of an entire country. Ever since signing with Manchester United in November 2015, this football phenom has gone from strength to strength on and off the field. He is vibrant, young and has skills that are consistent, dynamic and powerful enough to get him noticed at the highest levels in the Premier League.

Rashford was destined for greatness. At the age of 7, Marcus joined Manchester United’s youth academy. He played his first game for England aged 11. Whilst playing for the Red Devil’s Under 18 team, he scored 13 times in 25 matches. Aged 18 years and 120 days, he went on to score his first goal for Manchester United and the accolades and highlights continued to pile on. In his debut match versus the Danish club Midtjylland, Marcus sunk two goals in to become the youngest player to score in a European competition. The young man never looked back.

Making him equally as special off the field, Marcus Rashford is known for his generosity and big heart. Whilst he doesn’t share a great relationship with his father, he does have a very close bond to his mother as well as siblings Dane and Dwaine. Both of who are employed by Marcus to manage his PR. His style of play was not the only reason this young man has won the heart of millions. During the pandemic, Marcus stepped up and put his quarantine time to good use by helping to raise a over £20 million for the charity FareShare that helped provide meals to over 3 million children who would have otherwise missed their school lunch. He also single handedly ask the UK government to help children in need during the summer months, and it was later agreed that children would still receive a free school meal over the holidays.

How incredible is that? This is a young man with a world of talents, that has captured the imagination and hearts of a nation, for all the right causes. Whether Manchester United is a team you love or loathe, there is no denying that the world could use more young men like Marcus Rashford and we are all for him!

The Manchester United players have bet on the dismissal of Mourinho

English Manchester United footballers Alexis Sanchez and Marcos Rojo were betting on the dismissal of the head coach Jose Mourinho, writes The Sun. Acting head coach was the Norwegian specialist Ole-Gunnar Solscher, a contract with him was concluded until the end of the season. However, the leadership of the “red devils” continues to search for a permanent head coach, the most likely candidate, according to media reports, is Tottenham mentor Mauricio Pochettino. According to The Sun, after the resignation of Mourinho, Sanchez sent a message to Rojo to the players of Manchester United.

“I told you so! Patience is all that is needed. Rojo, you owe me £ 20,000”, Sanchez wrote. Chilean has repeatedly said about the desire to leave the “MU”. The attacker was dissatisfied with the position in the team and Mourinho’s attitude towards him. This season, Sanchez spent only ten matches, having noted one goal and two assists. This season, “MU” is in sixth place in the English Premier League standings, the team has 26 points after 17 matches. The club is 19 points behind the leading Liverpool.

Facts about Bastian Schweinsteiger

  1. Bastian Schweinsteiger was born in Kolbermoor, Germany.
  2. His surname is derived from “schweinsteig”, which means “pig stall” (from German “schwein” – “pig”, and the Middle High German “stige” – “stall”). In the English-language press and among fans. Sometimes the more common German name Sebastian is mistakenly indicated as his name instead of Bastian.
  3. It is known that in due time Basti filed a lawsuit against the Munich manufacturer of sausages, who called their products Schwein.
  4. Parents – Alfred and Monika Schweinsteiger, who had their own ski shop in Oberaudorf.
  5. No less bright prospects for the German were in skiing, respectively. Still, Basti made a choice in favor of football only at the last moment, telling his parents that: “It’s terribly cold there, better football!”
  6. Bastian has a younger brother, Tobias, who has long played in the reserve of Bavaria. By the way, Tobias has been a fan of MJ since childhood. When the last time Bavaria knocked out of the Champions League wards Moyes, Bastian received from his brother the following sms: “Fuck you!”
  7. In 2002 he became the winner in the youth championship in Germany, which opened the way for him to reserve, and infrequent appearances at the base. Immediately after this, Bastian signed a professional contract with Bavaria.
  8. The new coach of Bavaria, Felix Magath, due to the poor work in training referenced Schwainy to the reserve!
  9. Despite the fact that under Ottmar Hitzfeld, Basti made his debut as a left back, under Magath he began to play the position of the flank midfielder (usually right, but due to his universalism, he could play on the left).
  10. Schweinsteiger became Man of the Year in German football in 2010.
  11. In 2010, there was a lot of speculation about the future player. Interest attributed Juve, Chelsea and Manchester United. Immediately after the match with St. Pauli, Schweinsteiger took the microphone from the announcer and announced to the whole stadium that the contract should be extended until 2016.
  12. With joining the club as coach Louis van Gaal, Schweinsteiger retrained from a winger to a central midfielder.
  13. In the main team of Germany since 2004. The first 2 goals for the team scored in a friendly match with Russia.
  14. Bastian is the most titled German footballer in history: winner (2014), two-time bronze medalist (2006, 2010) World Championship; winner of the silver (2008) and bronze (2012) medals of the European Championship.
  15. From 2007 to July 2014, Bastian met with the German model Sarah Brandtner. Currently, Schweinsteiger meets Serbian tennis player Anna Ivanovich.
  16. Schweini likes to collect cars! In his garage there are: Audi S8 (black, 101.6 thousand euros), Audi R8 supercar (white, 114.8 thousand euros), SUV Q7 (black and white, 70 thousand euros) and “small” S6 (80 thousand euros).
  17. Favorite music band is System of a Down, with their famous single “Toxicity”.
  18. In food prefers salad with turkey and beefsteak. He likes to relax in Starbucks for a cup of hot cappuccino. He likes to cook himself, took lessons from the Bavarian chef Alphonse Schoubek.
  19. He considers himself a real fancier. He prefers movies by Christopher Nolan.
  20. The first T-shirt he had was the “10th” number of the German national team of the 1990 Mundial sample.

Facts about David de Gea

The latest purchase of Sir Alex at the moment is David De Gea, 20, from Atletico Madrid. But what do we know about the newcomer United, acquired for 16 million pounds?

  1. David De Gea Quintana was born on November 7, 1990 in Madrid and is currently 192 cm tall or 6 feet 3 inches tall.
  2. De Gea – a product of the youth system of Atletico Madrid, he came to the club at the age of 10 and through the reserve team, which acts in the third Spanish division of Segunda Division B, got into the main squad.
  3. David looks like an ideal replacement for Edwin van der Saru, who retired, if only because Atletico partners have already nicknamed their goalkeeper Van der Gea because of their similarity to the Dutchman and a similar style of play.
  4. His debut for the first team of the Madrid club took place on September 30, 2009, when a very young De Gea was thrown into the fight against Porto in the Champions League. In that match, he had to replace the main at that time goalkeeper Roberto, who was injured in the 26th minute of the match. At the age of 18, it was difficult to cope with such anxiety and Atletico lost to the Portuguese 2-0, but David was in seventh heaven because he was finally able to enter the field. “It was very difficult to fall asleep at night after the game because of all these emotions that I experienced,” admitted the Spaniard. “I have long dreamed of debuting at Atletico, especially in the Champions League.”
  5. A few days later, De Gea made his debut in the starting lineup in the match examples. In that match, the Spaniard was hard not to pay attention – at first he earned a penalty kick into his own net, knocking down an opponent player while his team led with a score of 1-0, but at the same time in an elegant style he beat off a kick from the 11-meter mark, who volunteered to perform Marco Babic. “I felt the fans behind my back celebrating every save I made. To defend the gate in my first full match on Vicente Calderon was something special! The team won, I scored a penalty and felt very comfortable between the goalposts. ”
  6. Since 2007, the honorary shelf of David also kept the gold medal of the European Championship among players to 17, when Spain in the final beat peers from England. But the highest award of the World Championship among players under 17 years old, which took place that same year, De Gea was not destined to receive – in the final his team lost on penalties to the Nigeria team.
  7. The former Spaniard boss Abel Resino – previously playing at the gate himself – could not boast of his ward: “He has everything he needs to develop further and become a great goalkeeper. The kind of calm he demonstrates in the most important and nervous matches is simply amazing! He has iron nerves.”
  8. De Gea was close to traveling with the main team to the triumphal for Spain World Cup. Vicente del Bosque even called him in an expanded composition of 30 people, but David did not make it to the final list. However, given that the first three places in the national team are occupied by Iker Casillas, Pepe Reina and Victor Valdez, there is nothing shameful about this.
  9. Last season, Sir Alex Ferguson even left his team, who fought with Scunthorpe in the League Cup, to personally watch the game of De Gea in a duel against Valencia. Ferguson is unlikely to regret such a decision.

Rooney and top scorers in the history of Manchester United

Wayne Rooney scored the 250th goal in a T-shirt and became the top scorer in the club’s history, ahead of people like Giggs, Lowe and Charlton.

Paul Scholes

Scholes was never considered a scorer, but his long-range strikes saved MU more than once – they helped to reach the Champions League final, win the Manchester derby and just score points in the Premier League. Over 18 years of career, Paul won 11 championship titles, twice won the Champions League, twice decided to end his career, but devoted his life to one club.

Mark Hughes

As a coach, Mark Hughes tried to prevent Alex Ferguson from winning trophies, and, on the contrary, he helped as a player. In the difficult early years of Sir Alex at Old Trafford, it was Hughes’ goals that helped United score the most important points and largely saved the career of the legendary coach who later became.

Ryan Giggs

The Manchester United record-holder for the matches played, with all his talents, could not but fall into this list. He scored in 20 years, passing at half the speed of the players of the opponent, and when he was well over 30 – already due to the choice of position and a deep understanding of football. Thanks to the skill of Giggs and in 40 years remained an important player in the system “MU” and became a real idol of the fans.

Joe Spence

The period between the two world wars was not the best in the history of Man United – the team did not win a single title and even flew out of the top division a couple of times. However while the club’s t-shirt “ignited” jet fighter Joe Spence: despite all the difficulties in the team, he continued to score goals. Spence at age 13 got a job working as a miner, at 18 he was drafted into the army and fought on the fronts of the First World War as a machine gunner. What is plowing, bunker scorer knew firsthand and continued to do it on the football field.

A special dedication for David Beckham

Many young football players go through the initiation ceremony in their teams. Often these are innocent contests, such as singing a song or dancing a simple dance. The 1990 Manchester United players were more sophisticated in this regard. Thus, the 17-year-old David Beckham, who later became the captain and one of the best performers of penalty kicks, was forced to please himself at the time, looking at the calendar with another player of the “red devils” Clayton Blackmore. “I had to look at his image and do certain things without looking away. Everyone in the youth team had a dedication, but this was one of the most unpleasant. I hesitate to talk about it on camera, but we had to go through it. I would not like to survive that day again!” legendary football player and a member of the Order of the British Empire recalls.

Good memory by Paul Scholes

When Paul Scholes just came to the team, MU mentor Alex Ferguson said: “He has no chance – he’s a dwarf!” The young midfielder went all out, and every year of the next twenty, he proved how wrong the famous coach was. And these words pretty hurt Paul, and he occasionally took revenge on his mentor. “I did not chase him on purpose — I’m not so stupid. But I sometimes punched, not aiming at the head, to encourage him. I hit from the other end of the field, and he looked around, looking for a scoundrel. And even if I was standing in a group of eight people, he still calculated me! ”Recalled Scholes.

Nicky Butt stole food from partners

At the time of Alex Ferguson, Manchester United footballers ate whatever they wanted – there were no special restrictions. “We are used to eating at Cliff, based on MU.” On Friday, Teresa, who ran the dining room, served sausages, potatoes and beans. Tuesday is cheesecake. And if the main team was away on Friday, club legend Eric Harrison took orders for food right before the match. It was just unreal cool,” Harry Neville said. Who loved to make fun of partners is Nicky Butt. The midfielder always ordered something unpretentious, such as potatoes with fish, but if he liked someone’s order more, he ate it, while proving that he ordered it, and someone else just picked it up and mixed it up.

As you can see, the players, whose names are inscribed in golden letters in the history of Manchester United, were able not only to play football and give unforgettable joyful moments to their fans, but also to have fun outside the football field.