Manchester United is the UK’s most popular club and has one of the best track records among British clubs – 11 league titles, 9 England Cups, 1968 Champions Cup and 1991 Cup Winners’ Cup. Since the Premier League was formed in 1992, MJ has not won only two championships – in 1995 and 1998. In 1911, MJ won the championship again. Again in the fight with Aston Villa, but the gap between them at the finish was exactly 1 point. After that, MJ did not win the championship in 41 years. Moreover, in 1922, the team flew into the 2nd Division, from where it returned to the top only in 1926. During the season of 1927-28, MJ hit the headlines after Huey MacLeanahan’s “purchase” from the Stockport County club – the Times newspaper collected that the player was purchased for three refrigerators full of ice cream!

These ideas worked in the season 1951-52, when MJ won the championship, beating Tottenham at the finish line by 4 points. This is how the “Busby children” appeared – young players of MJ in the person of David Pegg, Duncan Edwards, Roger Byrne and Dennis Violet, who regularly appeared in the starting lineup of MJ. And in 1956, they again became champions, beating their closest rivals by 11 points and not losing at home throughout the season.

In 1956, contrary to the recommendations of the leadership of the League, Matt Busby announced his team to participate in the Champions Cup. The fact that the League decided that European club tournaments are not in its sphere of interest, but Busby insisted on and took part in the tournament. To everyone’s surprise, the Reds reached the semi-finals, where, by the sum of two meetings, they lost to Athletics from Bilbao. Season 1957-58 was the saddest in the history of Manchester United. On February 6, 1958, the team flew to Munich for the Champions Cup game. The plane, hitting bad weather conditions, was unable to reach the required height on takeoff and crashed in which 23 passengers were killed. 8 people from MJ died in this catastrophe, and Matt Busby hardly recovered after his injuries. After that, the baseball took time to re-create a cool team, but this time he relied on acquiring players from other teams than bringing up their own. Denis Low and Pat Krerand have become two players of MJ thanks to Busby. Coaching investments paid off in 1963, when in the finals of the FA Cup, MJ beat Lester 3: 1. Performances in the championship also slowly improved, and in 1965, MJ won the 6th title of champion of England. That season, George Best began to declare himself on and off the field.

Successors Busby Wilf McGuinness and Frank O’Farrell were faced with the problem that success does not come as easily as it seemed at first glance. Under the leadership of both coaches, MJ settled in the middle of the table, and sometimes even next to the relegation zone. In addition, there was a problem with the regime of George Best. In December 1972, Tommy Dougherty became the coach, promising to bring the club to new successes, but instead in 1974 the DOJ flew into the 2nd Division.

Nevertheless, MJ spent only one season in the 2nd division. And in 1976, MJ reached the FA Cup final, but then it was not their day, because they lost to Southampton 0: 1. The following season, MJ still won the Cup, beating Liverpool 2-1 in the final. In July 1977, under pressure from rumors of adultery, Doherty was forced to leave the club and Dave Sexton took his place. The new coach managed to win another England Cup with the team in 1979, and also take second place in the championship in 1980. However, the club management, who dreamed of new champion titles in 1981, appointed Ron Atkinson as coach. During the 5 years of Ron Atkinson’s reign, the team finished four times in the top five and won two FA Cups. Still, Atkinson did not manage to lead MJ to a new victory in the championship, and he also had to leave his post.

Interesting facts: Manchester United

  1. The Spaniard has three nicknames: El Gato (The Cat, which coincided with his mentor Abel Resino), Ruso (Russian, because of his appearance), Van der Gea (Van der Gea due to the fact that he is a Dutch changer).
  2. In 2010, David was in the preliminary list of the Spanish national team at the 2010 World Cup. But he lost the competition and stayed home (go: Casillas, Valdez, Reina)
  3. The first month in United was marked by a curiosity: de Gea took a donut from the shelves of the Tesco supermarket and, without paying, went to the exit, where he was detained by guards. Aware of the status of the Spaniard, his guard released him. The whole comic situation is that the donut costs £ 1.19, while the player receives £ 70 thousand a week.
  1. When rumors about a player’s transition to Manchester United were just going on, Peter Schmeiel (idol Andres) said: “I don’t want to believe it a single minute! His class doesn’t fit the club’s class!
  1. In 2006, in the match between Colombia and Poland, Luis Enrique Martinez, the goalkeeper of South Americans, scored a Pole from his own goal.
  1. Before Manchester, Ben played for the local team Crewe Alexander as a central midfielder. In the decisive match of the season, when there were no substitutions left, goalkeeper Crewe was removed and Ben stood at the gate as the highest player on the field. Despite the fact that he was outfield, he beat off a couple of penalties, and his team won.
  1. Fabio at the junior world championships has become the most productive player, nominally speaking in the position of left-back.
  2. Fabio is married to a girl named Barbara, and he already has a daughter.
  3. Rafael began to play football in the position of the central striker.
  4. Football players were close to signing a contract with Arsenal, but their mother became an obstacle to the transition to the gunners’ camp.
  5. If the Spaniard is called Van der Gea in honor of the Dutchman, then the British press calls the Brazilians “new Neville”.
  1. In the youth team, PSG played in the center of the attack.
  2. I managed to play in Italy (Marsala and Monza), where I received the nickname “Black Gazelle” from Italian fans.
  3. In 2010, at the World Cup in South Africa, after losing the match with Mexico (0: 2), he raised a riot, telling the physical coach training that the team refuses to train, for which he was suspended from the matches in the team. To resolve the conflict between the head coach of the French national team Raymond Domenech and the captain of the same national team, Patrice Evra, the intervention of the country’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy, was required.
  1. Is the only Manchester United player who has no interesting facts in life (at least, well-known media).
  1. Started his career as a center forward.
  2. In the Phil certificate, the highest marks were for all sports and cooking only.
  1. Until this season, Johnny’s younger brother, Corrie Evans, played in the reserve of Manchester.
  2. Debut in the Champions League took place in the match against Dynamo Kiev, where Johnny took the field, replacing Gerard Piquet.
  3. Before moving to Manchester, I received a certificate of secondary education, in which there were only higher grades.
  1. As part of his charity auction in favor of children from poor families, along with Rooney and Terry, Rio put up for sale shoes worth £ 120 thousand. Why is it so expensive? Because the boots are covered with 2494 stones, more than 18 carats of white diamonds, 15 carats of black diamonds and about 11 carats of rubies.
  2. In 2005, he created the music label White Chalk Music with a friend. Now there are 2 musicians working with this label. In the recording of the album of one of them, Nia Jay, Rio took part, having read rap.
  3. Live called Chris Moiles, radio host, fagot. True, he asked for an apology.
  1. A Serb loves to connect to United attacks and for the time being he has scored 14 goals. Last year at Trafford, he scored Aston Villa. Nothing like that but it was his first and so far the only goal for Manchester, scored with a foot, he scored all the rest with his head.
  2. Involved in three national teams: Yugoslavia (2002), Serbia and Montenegro (2002-2006), Serbia (2006-2011). Potentially could act and for 4 – Kosovo.
  1. Korean has an unusually large volume of light – 5 thousand cubic centimeters, while ordinary mortals have from 3 thousand to 4 thousand cubic centimeters. Also, Korean scientists investigated the pulse of the Park, which is 40 beats per minute (average human pulse: 60-80 beats per minute).
  2. Park began playing football at Seryou Children’s School, located in the city of Suwon. Now in this city there is a street named after the Park and the Football Center is being built.
  3. It is believed that Manchester acquired the Park with the intention to sell more T-shirts with the emblem of the club in Korea.
Manchester United news: Solskyaer: “Pogba plays with a smile on his face; this is Paul, whom I know”

Manchester United head coach Ole-Gunnar Solskyer praised midfielder Paul Pogba after defeating Huddersfield. In the reporting round, Solskjaer was to have his first match at Old Trafford on the coaching bridge of Manchester United. Norwegian entrusted a place in the start of Dalot, Fred and Mate From the first minutes, Sir Alex put pressure on the opponents’ goal, but a dangerous moment arose among the guests – Kongolo punched from a lethal position in a foreign penalty area, but the ball went above the gate. The score was opened at the end of the half-hour of the game, when Lindelef struck his head after a corner from the corner – Lessl was in place, and Matic was the first to finish. 1:0. “Terriers” have become somewhat more active in going forward, but they could have been punished – Markus Rushford hung from the left flank coolly, and Dalot from the destructive position did not get on goal.

Resting teams went with a minimum advantage of the Red Devils in the long run, and the second half began at fairly high speeds, but moments rarely occurred. Only by the sixtieth minute, the Depuer with one touch shot into the far top corner, but De Gea saved the team in a luxurious jump, once again making a claim to the title of the best goalkeeper in the world. Soon, the score changed – Herrera drove to Pogba in someone else’s punishment, and Paul asked Lessl. After that it became clear that guests are unlikely to be able to play two goals from such a Manchester United.

Manchester United wants to sign winger Juventus

As reported by Rai Sport, Manchester United has already made a proposal to Juventus for a Brazilian in the amount of 60 million euros. Turintsy took a pause to think about the proposal and may be planning to introduce Paul Pogba into this deal. Douglas Costa’s contract with Juventus expires in the summer of 2022. This season, the Brazilian has played 16 matches in all tournaments, distinguished by two assists. Earlier it was reported that Juventus is interested in the services of Romelu Lukaku. The victory of Manchester United over Cardiff improved the team’s position. The authoritative statistical portal WhoScored keeps the ranking of the TOP-5 European Championships clubs, which depends on the shape of the clubs in the last six games played. The leader in this ranking at the moment is Barcelona, ​​which retained the first line after the victory over Celta in the last round. The second place is Juventus, but Bavaria climbed to the third, which rose from the 11th place.